Automating Server Setup with Ansible

There’s no doubt that building a web server from scratch is a great learning experience, and one that I recommend all WordPress developers undertake. Doing so will give you a greater understanding of the various components required to serve a website, not just the code you write. It can also broaden your knowledge on wider …

An introduction to immutable infrastructure

Why you should stop managing infrastructure and start really programming it.

Comic Book FX Lettering with SVG Filters

In two previous articles I’ve talked about using SVG to make comic book speech bubbles; in this one, I’m going to look at text effects associated with lettering for sound effects, which are more broadly applicable to web design.

Scaling CloudFlare’s Massive WAF

CloudFlare wants to provide a WAF to a very large number of customers.

Improve the payment experience with animations

Behind the scenes of Stripe Checkout

12 Little-Known CSS Facts

Even if you've been coding CSS for a while, you probably still come across new stuff all the time. Here are 12 things you might not have been aware of.

Using Sass To Semantically @extend Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a great tool but it produces awful code that is difficult to read and maintain. We'll use Sass to make Bootstrap classes easier to maintain.

The Art of HTML Semantics: Part 1

Flexbox Bar Navigation Demo

Someone wrote in to me asking how to create a simple bar navigation with icons. This is a pretty simple layout thing that could be accomplished loads of di

Aerotwist – My Performance Audit Workflow