Responsive Layout for WordPress

WordPress LogoI’ve been working on a few tweaks to improve accessibility on mobile devices. Since obtaining a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I’m finding myself using my mobile device more than ever. The redesign earlier last year allowed me to introduce some initial steps toward a responsive layout, but it was and still is an unfinished product.

I have finally got round to implementing sidebar folding at low resolution. I’m the using adjacent sibling selector (+), the :checked pseudo-selector, and HTML <input> hacks (<label>, radio and check-box <input> elements). This technique also works great for folding the main navigation at low resolution using a check-box.

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New site design live

I’m happy to say that after buying my domain nearly four years ago, the site is now live. It’s the first design that I am generally pleased with. Planned updates include adding support for mobile browsers, and the right sidebar needs some work, and comments lists have been left slightly neglected. There will be some QA tests of available mobile plug-ins at some stage, though I hope to avoid the “Instant iOS” styling that the popular ones provide.

The design is under technical review, so if anybody notices any rendering issues feedback would be appreciated. The theme is built from the ground up, loosely based upon the skeleton theme Bianco. There’s some CSS3 sprinkled around;¬†differences in older browsers are intentionally not addressed. Rendering bugs in IE6 won’t be fixed, lets not go back to the mosaic browser either :).

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