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Twitter LogoI switched to the Jetpack Twitter Widget a year or so ago. Since Twitter fully switched to API version 1.1, as many developers know they now require OAuth for integration. This means that the Jetpack Twitter Widget is no longer supported. I’m not a fan of the “official” JavaScript  Twitter widget, for a few reasons;

  • It requires JavaScript
  • It’s ugly as hell
  • It’s everywhere

There is also the timeline widget, which is also implemented as the successor to the original in Jetpack, but this isn’t a 1:1 replacement either. So I wondered how easily an OAuth-enabled version would be to both manage and implement.

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Quantity vs Quality

As my reader may have noticed, I took a hiatus from posting on here until recently. I came back a couple of weeks ago to try and get back into the habit of writing posts, and I set myself the target of publishing a post every Wednesday. I spend around about 12 hours a day on the web, or coding for it. Being able to share some of the fruits of that time ought to come naturally.

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Playing with Incarna in EVE Online

Although my online gaming time has been sparse recently, I thought it would be good to take some time out and look at the new features coming to EVE Online this year. After reading the devlog post that Incarna functionality was being tested on Duality, I decided to take a peek. After spending quite a lot of time crafting my character, I was quite happy to wait an hour to grab the Duality client (4GB+) and take my avatar for a spin.

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Friday Update #1

My ten visitors may have noticed it was quiet over here for the last week and a half. For the last fortnight, I have been moving home. We began sorting and packing our belongings 3 weeks prior to that, yet we were still moving things out at 10:30 the night before the deadline. Probably because there was so much to clean and fix at the old place. It’s quite amazing how much shit you can stuff into one house. In total it’s taken a full week just to move our stuff and fix the place up. This includes 3 1/2 hours to get a sofa through a door, which was ridiculous. I did feel guilty that Bob – our sole surviving goldfish – was one of the last to move.

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National No Smoking Day…

I am always disappointed when No Smoking Day comes along. Each year I realize it’s upon us, feeling guilty having just bought a pack earlier in the morning. This year was no exception. Unlike most years though I have been trying to give up, consistently failing to do so since February.

The difference this year is that I heard about the event from Twitter. It’s a weird shift that I have noticed this year in particular, which started when I was following the coverage of the Egypt protests. One of the users I was following tweeted that Mubarak had fled the country, so I then tuned into the BBC’s live coverage on my phone. I would probably have only heard about it in passing the following day whilst I caught up on the news. Obviously, this was a major international event, and generally you only find out about things which matter to whom you follow. I don’t think I would ever rely on Twitter alone for news alerts, but it’s good that we don’t have to rely on an editorial process before we learn about events unfolding as they happen.

On the smoking bit, I hope that others have been more inspired by today than myself. I will prevail eventually; a spot of willpower, and maybe slap a patch on tomorrow.

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New site design live

I’m happy to say that after buying my domain nearly four years ago, the site is now live. It’s the first design that I am generally pleased with. Planned updates include adding support for mobile browsers, and the right sidebar needs some work, and comments lists have been left slightly neglected. There will be some QA tests of available mobile plug-ins at some stage, though I hope to avoid the “Instant iOS” styling that the popular ones provide.

The design is under technical review, so if anybody notices any rendering issues feedback would be appreciated. The theme is built from the ground up, loosely based upon the skeleton theme Bianco. There’s some CSS3 sprinkled around; differences in older browsers are intentionally not addressed. Rendering bugs in IE6 won’t be fixed, lets not go back to the mosaic browser either :).

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