Using Servlet Filter and Spring Web with Jetty

I’ve been experimenting with servlet filter, along the same lines as my experimentation with aspects. Aspects are quite an interesting topic, however for the request instrumention task it seems that filters are much more suitable. Realising your approach is wrong and pivoting is, I feel, an important skill to learn in software development.

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Aspect Oriented Programming with AspectJ and Spring AOP

Recently I have been experimenting with aspect oriented programming, and the ease with which you can handle cross-cutting concerns. It’s an extremely powerful tool, allowing you to insert pointcuts throughout your code, and inject bytecode around code without polluting your source code. AspectJ provides a great deal of flexibility in the methods through which you can instrument your code.

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Splitting Read & Writes using Replication Driver in Spring Boot

My team has recently been working on a new Spring Boot application. One of the many best practice requirements—see non-functional requirements—is that we separate our read and write layers when utilising RDBMS (such as MySQL). As a newbie to this particular problem in Java, it seems that the easiest way is to use the official replication driver provided by the com.mysql package.

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We’re http/2 and ipv6 compatible!

Well, it seems that way anyway. Unfortunately both my residential broadband and mobile connections lack ipv6 connectivity, so I’m relying on the Qualys SSL Test and various other on-line tools to assure me of the ipv6 compatibility. http/2 was easy to test; firefox developer tools tells you which protocol was used for each downloaded asset. Please let me know if I have gotten something obviously wrong!

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Understanding The Tomcat Classpath

Understanding The Tomcat Classpath - Common Problems And How To Fix Them  A common question that pops up on lots of Apache Tomcat user forums is how to configure Tomcat's classpath to include this or that JAR file that is needed by a web application. Like many of the issues that trouble new Tomcat users, this problem is usually quite easy to fix - so easy that it's hard for users to understand the solution, because the documentation assumes that people will always pick the easiest way of doing things.

Redirect stdout from child processes to supervisord

Learn how to configure supervisord such that it redirects stdout of its child processes to its own stdout.

Maven Versioning Strategy

Cucumber Spring Integration

Quick guide to integrate the Cucumber testing framework with Spring.

REST API testing with Cucumber

A quick on on REST API testing with Cucumber.

Happy Releases with Maven and Bamboo