Zend Framework 2 : Getting Closer with PluginManager

In ZF2, there is PluginManager that we can use to collect services with same contract interfaces or ancestor class into single class properties. After that, we can validate whenever the plugins as …

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Vagrant LAMP Stack with Debian Jessie

VagrantI thought it was about time I chucked my Vagrant LAMP stack into VCM, before I lost or broke it. For those unfamiliar with Vagrant, go do some reading!

It’s based upon a not-so-current version of Laravel Homestead. I switched it to the debian/jessie64 base box, and added an init shell script. The init script will run every time you run vagrant provision, so I have carefully crafted the script to ensure it will not break things when run multiple times.

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PHP7 beta1 build process for Debian Wheezy

PHP-logoLast weekend I decided to give PHP7 a try. Given it’s beta, I had to compile from source. As I already run a stable package version, this guide doesn’t cover the Debian packaging process. Instead we concentrate on installing PHP to an alternate directory.

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