Installing Magento 2 with Composer

A step-to-step guide on installing Magento 2 with Composer.

Magento: Remove auto breaks “br/” from product description

PHP shell scripts for Magento

Creating PHP shell scripts for interacting with Magento outside of Magento environment

Recent Exploit using Fake Magento Extensions

We are publishing this post in the hope that all Magento users can utilize this information to determine if their site has been compromised and take the steps required to correct the problem. We were recently contacted by a client regarding a Common Point of Purchase Investigation that was initia

Editing Magento Translate.csv File

If you read my article about Internationalization in Magento, you should know that there is a way to edit translation CSVs using one file - translate.csv. In order to do that, you just need to set locale via Magento admin area, then create translate.csv in app/design/frontend///locale/languagecode_COUNTRYCODE and put your translated...

addAttributeToFilter Conditionals In Magento

addAttributeToFilter and addAttributeToField are used constantly through Magento. This article explains how to use them properly and all of the available parameters

Move Magento Private Files Outside the Docroot

Magento – display root category products with filters

Rewriting a Block Class

Creating a block rewrite is done in the config.xml. Rewriting a block is the correct way to alter the logic of a core block without changing the core.


n98-magerun - Provides some handy tools for magento developers like a quick database info from local.xml or a database dump feature, cache clearing, admin user password reset. You can also easily install a complete shop and sample data with buildin installer. For coders there are also many features like a module kickstarter (with modman support). If something is missing you can extend the tool with own commands.