Splitting Read & Writes using Replication Driver in Spring Boot

My team has recently been working on a new Spring Boot application. One of the many best practice requirements—see non-functional requirements—is that we separate our read and write layers when utilising RDBMS (such as MySQL). As a newbie to this particular problem in Java, it seems that the easiest way is to use the official replication driver provided by the com.mysql package.

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Vagrant LAMP Stack with Debian Jessie

VagrantI thought it was about time I chucked my Vagrant LAMP stack into VCM, before I lost or broke it. For those unfamiliar with Vagrant, go do some reading!

It’s based upon a not-so-current version of Laravel Homestead. I switched it to the debian/jessie64 base box, and added an init shell script. The init script will run every time you run vagrant provision, so I have carefully crafted the script to ensure it will not break things when run multiple times.

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Filter a category from your WordPress Blog

I’m pretty new to working with the internals of WordPress. It seems very easy to settle for installing hundreds of plug-ins to achieve the simplest of tasks. Plug-ins are awkward for me, as they have the tendancy to not quite do what I want them to. I end up messing with them in some way which breaks updates.

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