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My ten visitors may have noticed it was quiet over here for the last week and a half. For the last fortnight, I have been moving home. We began sorting and packing our belongings 3 weeks prior to that, yet we were still moving things out at 10:30 the night before the deadline. Probably because there was so much to clean and fix at the old place. It's quite amazing how much shit you can stuff into one house. In total it's taken a full week just to move our stuff and fix the place up. This includes 3 1/2 hours to get a sofa through a door, which was ridiculous. I did feel guilty that Bob - our sole surviving goldfish - was one of the last to move. I missed a few important milestones with all the madness. Firefox 4 (finally) got it's final release three days ago. I've been using the Minefield dailies for months, but the final release seems much more stable. The UI looks well polished under Windows 7, though I am quite disappointed in the "Firefox" menu button under Linux. Although I do have a special attachment with Firefox, Chrome is still better for me. I get desktop notifications for my mail, and various social media, which Firefox can't currently deliver. Google seems to have pushed out it's refreshed Chrome/Chromium branding (on the dev channel at least?). It's logo has lost the glossy spherical ball appearance, but it still looks like a multicoloured Poké Ball to me. It just doesn't sit right with me, though I'm no 'expert' in logo design. IE9 final came out just before on 14th (enough said).

Those lucky Apple fans in the UK should by now have begun to receive their iPad 2 orders today. Nobody in my office has ordered one, though I know two of the guys have the first gen model. I don't know whether this is the exception or the trend, but I don't feel that Apple put enough effort into this one to justify upgrading. Not that I would be one to go out and buy an iPad anyway, I would much prefer a new Galaxy Tab (whatever the name ends up being) or Dell Streak 7 for the same purpose. I much prefer my 5" Dell Streak to an iOS device, it's screen is nicely sized, and not too big to hold to your face either!

A more regular schedule of updates will resume now that I am able to think, hopefully with some news from the pending Australian Grand Prix. The McLaren team was on form today! Time for soup and a sammich...

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