As a Software Engineering currently specialising in PHP solutions, I handle application development and deployment projects. It took me nearly four years to put a site together; work began on the design six months before going live on March 2011. Part of that was due to the fact that I was building a bespoke blogging module into my custom CMS. I switched to WordPress and decided to concentrate on the writing.

I occasionally hang around on twitter, and go by my online handle @pharalia. I also like to wind down by trying to play League of Legends and EVE Online.

I’m hoping to cover various technical elements learned through the course of developing client sites, the pet projects that I like to work on from time to time, and new ideas. Hopefully somebody, somewhere, will find some of these ramblings useful.

Achievements Unlocked

Microsoft Certified Professional Microsoft Certified Professional
January 2013.

UCLan_LogoBSc (hons) Web & Multimedia with Computing
July 2008;