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As my reader may have noticed, I took a hiatus from posting on here until recently. I came back a couple of weeks ago to try and get back into the habit of writing posts, and I set myself the target of publishing a post every Wednesday. I spend around about 12 hours a day on the web, or coding for it. Being able to share some of the fruits of that time ought to come naturally.

I suffer from a lack of confidence in my writing. My last post was just over two weeks ago — it's not for a lack of ideas that I missed my self-imposed schedule. I ended up sitting here on the netbook thinking of how to construct a post about responsive design techniques. It's something that gets me quite excited; a plethora of different techniques; a load of different frameworks and even more discussion on the web to reference. I just simply could not get it out into a post. I instead chose to watch the TV.

The second problem I have is that I am a border-line perfectionist. A lot of effort goes into producing quality content. I also try to produce high quality code in my work, but code comes a lot more naturally to me than writing. I can spend an hour staring at a paragraph because it doesn't seem to be worded right, whole posts get discarded because the topic or content feel forced; It's frustrating to say the least.

Trying to write a quality article a week is just not feasible for me. There are simply not enough hours in the day! So there will be no unrealistic, defeatist schedule. I'm going to aim to write something decent about once a month; a piece of work that I put a lot of effort into over an extended period of time.

That's not to say that you should check in once a month, my faithful reader.

One of my aims is to make this space a little more personal. I plan to share a lot more snippets of code and techniques that I pick up, and try to share a little more about who I am along the way too. My social media profiles have been gathering dust recently — Let's face it though, there are only so many sites one man can actively engage with regularly without fear of getting fired. So i'll probably end up choosing the core ones that I actually enjoy using (of which there are quote a few) and duplicate content to the rest.

The last thing I am aiming for is a new design. I do like the existing theme to a point, but this is also where I want to put into practice some of the ideas that I don't get to put into practice at work. It's not going to be rushed, but the timeline is going to be less than it took me for the first design. We will hope for a release before the new year. I'm starting from the fundamentals, drawing up ideas in my gorgeous new Moleskine® notebook. The plan is to integrate the responsive design fundamentals that I have been researching and lose some of the crud that has crept into the current design.

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Michael is a Software Engineer working in the North West of England.