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WordPress LogoI've been working on a few tweaks to improve accessibility on mobile devices. Since obtaining a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I'm finding myself using my mobile device more than ever. The redesign earlier last year allowed me to introduce some initial steps toward a responsive layout, but it was and still is an unfinished product.

I have finally got round to implementing sidebar folding at low resolution. I'm the using adjacent sibling selector (+), the :checked pseudo-selector, and HTML hacks (

Implementing the Responsive Layout Elements #

The folding technique is derived from this CSS accordion technique. I find the lack of reliance on JavaScript to be attractive; it remains to be seen whether this improves browser support due to the use of :checked and sibling selectors.

The HTML structure below provides the basis for the sidebar. As is standard with Wordpress' sidebar output, each widget is wrapped within an

  • . A