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I'm Taking Part in Movember 2013

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MO13 Primary Logo Ranged NEG copyThis year I am participating in Movember. I know a few people who have done so in the past, however it's a team effort with everybody at Juicy Media taking part. Participation is not at all difficult, I don't have to run (or walk) a marathon, so there was no excuse but to sign up and get on with it. The only downside is taking those awful "selfie" photos; vanity aside my front-facing camera seems to be awful for the purpose.

Isn't it Movember every day for you? #

Movember Mo - Day ZeroNot any more! Being a (former) proud owner of decent volume of facial hair, day one has proven to be the most difficult. It was almost like looking at someone else in the mirror. The feeling of harsh cold on my lower face was difficult to bear, as should be apparent in the post-shave mugshot. At least I didn't get asked for ID at the local.

My Movember facial growth is progressing quickly, though I wish it would grow faster. It's all for a good cause, and I hope my participation in some way helps, regardless of what we raise in terms of donations. Cancer in particular has affected many members of my family. It was awareness of the problem that helped them get the screening, advice and treatment they needed to ensure they would have the best chance of a full and healthy life.

So if you feel the need spend money with nothing in return*, the team and I would be happy to solicit your generous donations through the relevant Movember pages. Here's my personal progress at the end of day four:

Movember Mo - Day Four

* Other than that warm, fuzzy feeling you get for doing something to help others, and my gratitude

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