Well, it seems that way anyway. Unfortunately both my residential broadband and mobile connections lack ipv6 connectivity, so I’m relying on the Qualys SSL Test and various other on-line tools to assure me of the ipv6 compatibility. http/2 was easy to test; firefox developer tools tells you which protocol was used for each downloaded asset. Please let me know if I have gotten something obviously wrong!

Enabling http/2

Enabling http/2 was quite simple, given that I recently upgraded to Debian 9 and Apache 2.4. I’ve got both apache and nginx in use in different debian-based environments. I managed to add AAAA records to the relevant domains, and add the necessary http/2 configuration changes on the morning commute. Obviously the main prerequisite to doing so is having your web server configured for TLS connectivity (h2 requires TLS). For my sites, I have chosen to deploy Let’s Encrypt X3 signed certificates. I migrated this blog after the controversy with Startcom’s offering.

Apache 2.4

For Apache, it was a case of enabling the mod_http2 and adding a line of configuration;

$ a2enmod http2
$ service apache2 restart
<VirtualHost localhost:443>
  Protocols h2 http/1.1

Nginx 1.10

It’s even easier with nginx; the web server already has the http/2 support module included. You simply have to have a TLS-enabled virtualhost, and add the following;

listen 443 ssl http2;
listen [::]:443 ssl http2;

I’ve not yet experimented with h2c for the TLS redirections on port 80 with either environment. That’s a job for another day 😁. It’s been a while since I posted here — a very long while. I’ve been concentrating on honing my craft and continuous improvement. I hope to start sharing some of my learning here once again.

Michael is a Software Engineer working in the North West of England. Michael spends his days building hand-crafted PHP applications. Rumours of his super-hero status are currently unconfirmed. He savours his victories when solving difficult programming challenges; occasionally writing about them here, on his personal blog.