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Favicon to PNG with convert and streams

Favicons are a prominent feature of the modern web, from browser tabs to RSS readers. Here I show how to convert ICO favicons to PNGs for use on web pages.

Eleventy - Sorting

Sorting collections in Eleventy. This JS stuff is hardโ€ฆ

Deploying Eleventy to IPFS

Today saw an milestone achievement made with this blog! We completed our first automated deployment ๐Ÿ˜Ž. Naturally the only way to celebrate such an achievement is to share how it was done.

Gitlab CI from Scratch

I only recently discovered how useful Gitlab CI is. Gitlab is an open source Github competitor. I've used it quite a lot over the years. After signing up for a account, you gain access to 2000 free build minutes per month for private projects. You can also run your own private CI runner if you are so inclined.

Goodbye Wordpress

I finally switched off my PHP virtual host, after committing to a new site built with the 11ty platform.

Webmention & WebSub

Ticking a few items off the checklist, I've added some basic webmention and websub support to the site.